Admiral's HTML5 Canvas experiments #01
Written by Admiral Potato

Instructions: Click around in the blackness to the side to create a simple shape. When you are happy with the shape, you may choose the number of times to rotate and copy your line using the "Steps" variable, then click the "Spin" button. If you like the result, you may click "Save" to download a PNG of this graphic to your computer.

Due to some strange behavior that I can't figure out that's different from browser to browser, you may need to manually name or rename this saved image so that it has the .png suffix in order for your computer to recognize it as an image. I'll update this script later if I solve that confusion.


zig tracks I totally manually wrote the URL for this one question marks LOL Peacock triangulated color spiral people of all colors 3 monsters eating themselves double rainbow I think this one says Google too 12 heart baloons how do I explain that I accidentially the whole night I've got a star in my eye